Teaching Non-native-English Speakers:

Resources for College Instructors in Content Areas


Welcome!  By seeking resources for assisting the non-native-English speakers in your classes, you have shown that you are interested in supporting the diverse needs of all your students.  When we begin with this attitude, our students can feel our commitment to our work and to their success.  This attitude alone is a tremendously important first step.  Thank you!


This page is under construction.  Please submit your questions about working with ESL students in your classes and check back soon for more resources. 



Who are the non-native English speakers at MCC?

How can I encourage non-native English speakers to participate in class discussions?

How can I help non-native English speakers get the most out of the textbook and my lectures?


Other Resources

Tools and Resources for Teaching Non-Native English Speakers
From the Center for English Language Support at John Jay College (CUNY) (2007)