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Grammar Classroom Materials
Teacher's guides, teacher-created worksheets, Fun with Grammar (PDFs), PowerPoint Presentations, and expansion, song and vocabulary activities that correlate with the Azar series. 



Listening   / Speaking

This I Believe

Listen to: "Americans from all walks of life share the personal philosophies and core values that guide their daily lives."  Text and audio.


Voice of America: Special English

News and special features using short, simple sentences read at a slow pace.  Text and audio.






The Learning Network: Teaching and Learning with the New York Times




Grammar-Based Teaching: A Practitioner's Perspective
Betty Azar "sees a blending of Grammar-Based Teaching  with Communicative Language Teaching and growing accord...of the positive role grammar teaching can play in balanced programs of second language instruction."  Azar does not propose the books in her series as "all-in-one texts," but as a grammar component offered in support of "other approaches and materials within a balanced program of second-language instruction."

Towards More Context and Discourse in Grammar Instruction

Marianne Celce-Murcia "discusses why the sentence-level drills still being used extensively in the teaching of grammar to second language learners have not been successful (and suggests) innovative approach...using context and discourse to present and practice grammar in more authentic and effective ways."


 "Teaching English multi-word verbs is not a lost cause after all"

Phrasal verbs article by Robert Wyss from



Merging a Metalinguistic Grammar Approach with L2 Academic Process Writing: ELLs in Community College


When Grammar Correction Fails: Ten other ideas



Serving ELLs With Limited or Interrupted Education: Intervention that Works


"A New Twist on Power Point"

Rus Wilson's presentations and handouts from TESOL '10 on making interactive PowerPoint presentations. 


"Self-Directed Learning Strategies for Adult ELLs"

An article from TESOL Connections with ideas and materials for classroom use.


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Outside Resources

Materials for ESL Students and Teachers from The OWL at Purdue
TESL-EJ Electronic journal for ESL / EFL