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HMRL 1010 Human Relations Skills


This is an introductory course in interpersonal skills stressing the importance of utilizing those skills in the workplace. The student is presented with opportunities to become more effective, discerning, ethical, flexible, perceptive and understanding in both professional and personal endeavors. Special attention is given to appropriate communications skills, multinational and diversity awareness, teamwork and job-seeking skills as applied to an increasingly customer-oriented workplace.


HMRL 1050 Leadership: Training and Skill Development


This course prepares students to assume increasingly responsible leadership roles in their personal, professional and academic lives. As such, the course focuses not only on significant theories of leadership and their applicability to leaders of the past and present, but also includes substantial hands-on, experiential learning opportunities in which students will practice leadership in action.

HMRL 101A Strategies for Personal and Workplace Communications

This segment introduces students to the study of how human relations helps achieve career success and increased work/life balance. The course examines strategies for improving personal and workplace communications, identification of personal communication styles, how language and cultural differences may create barriers to effective communication, approaches for creating a professional presence, self-esteem building, and professional ethics.

HMRL 101B Strategies for Personal Success in the Workplace 

This segment introduces students to the study of how human relations helps achieve career success and increased work/life balance. One major focus of this segment emphasizes helping students to understand that attitudes represent a powerful force in life and within the workplace. In addition, the course examines how several human diversity factors may impact attitude formation and relationships in the workplace. Students will achieve an understanding of self-motivation, constructive self-disclosure for building strong and healthy interpersonal relationships, the influence of emotions on thinking and behavior, and the factors that contribute to the emotional balance and stronger relationships in the workplace.

HMRL 101C Strategies for Working With Others

This segment introduces students to the study of how human relations helps achieve career success and increased work/life balance. This segment emphasizes the importance of teamwork and examines the basic elements of the team-building leadership style, the sources of workplace conflict and conflict resolution, valuing diversity in the workplace, evaluating personal stress levels and learning how to identify and implement effective stress management strategies. In addition, students will examine how the traditional roles of both sexes are changing in today’s world and workplace. Students will examine traditional measures of “success” and evaluate for themselves a personal definition of career success.

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