The Institute for Cultural Connections is a student centered, faculty driven initiative to enrich education through culture benefiting MCC and our surrounding community.

The Institute for Cultural Connections has been working this summer on a virtual gallary for medical artisit Mark Gilbert.   You can link to our site which is under development at http://resource.mccneb.edu/icc/GilbertArt.html

Another recent project was a mural on our south campus. In the Spring of 2014, students from MCC and Kent Bellows Studio embarked upon a six-month project to create a culturally relevant mural on the south side of the Connector Building at MCC's South Omaha Campus. Students spent the  2014 spring quarter engaging the community to discover its rich cultural heritage and history. Community meetings and fora were conducted to encourage participation from the community into the content and design of their mural.  This project which is also under development can be linked at http://mccmobile.weebly.com
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