Below you will find curriculum resources that were created by participants in the Mayan Connection.  These can be used in the classroom to enhance a wide variety of subject matters.  If you have curriculum ideas that you would like to suggest or add to this website, please contact

Mayan Book Data
Winnebago History I Syllabus
World Views of American Indians
American Indian History Syllabus
Curriculum and Book List by David Smith, LPTC - Explore the topics of Winnebago History, American Indian History and World Views along with a complete list of Mayan Book Resources.
Improving on Nature
ving on Nature by Dennis Kingery, MCC - A case study for use primarily in the biology curriculum, developed as a part of The Mayan Connection projectHistory is full of cases in which humans have sought to change their natural surroundings, with unforeseen harmful effects, this case study examines one example and provides an activity outline to be used in the classroom.
Language Module
by Lynn Bradman, MCC - Look through this interesting language module that explores the The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis.  This website is accessible from everywhere and continues to be editable.  I am hoping to have other instructors add to it and create their own activities.  I will share this site with our full, and part-time faculty at fall opening activities and during CDS workshops.
Mayan Literature
by Ann Sittig, MCC -
Take a glimpse at Mayan literature on display in bi/trilingual excerpts from Maya Cu, Calixta Gabriel Xiquín, Grupo de Mujeres Mayas Kaqla, Rigoberta Menchú and Humberto Ak'abal.  This website also includes Guatemalan history, lesson ideas for classroom use, lists of Guatemalan women writers, Mayan writers, and web sites being used for Mayan/women's expression.

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