Toledo District of Belize Mayan Literature by Ann Sittig - Take a glimpse at Mayan literature on display in bi/trilingual excerpts from Maya Cu, Calixta Gabriel Xiquín, Grupo de Mujeres Mayas Kaqla, Rigoberta Menchú and Humberto Ak'abal.  This website also includes Guatemalan history, lesson ideas for classroom use, lists of Guatemalan women writers, Mayan writers, and web sites being used for Mayan/women's expression.
Toledo District of Belize Home page for the Maya people of the Toledo District of Belize. Logging and environmental conflicts and how it is affecting the Maya people.
Maya Atlas The Maya Atlas from the Geography Department of the University of California at Berkeley. Made by 42 Ke'Kechi and Mopan communities of southern Belize. Maps, texts, photographs, drawings and interviews were done by Maya village researchers and cartographers elected by the communities. In their own words and with their own maps, the Maya describe their culture and rain forest, and their desire to protect and manage their own land.
Science Museum of Minnesota A Science Museum of Minnesota site. Images and educational activities from the Museum's educational division. Good introduction to nine Mayan sites. Good for kids too.
Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College A site from the Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College in Cloquet, Minnesota. Pages are not maintained due to the death of the author in 1997. Much good information and a great interview of Rigoberta Menchú Tum, a Maya refugee of Guatemala and 1992 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. Also maps and links to other sites, some no longer active or have moved.
Mayan Hieroglyphic Writing Rabbit in the Moon. Try your hand at Mayan hieroglyphic writing and translating your name. Has a talking syllabary and Yucatec sound files and language chart, virutal palace and pyramid.
Maya Civilization Maya Civilization - peoples, geography, language, cities, cosmology and religion, mathematics, writing and hieroglyphics, astronomy, and the Maya today. From the Canadian Museum of Civilization.
Lonely Planet A Lonely Planet guide on Mexico in general. A brief section on the Maya. Has good info if you're going to be traveling, i.e. demographics, weather, other pertinent facts and tips for the traveler.
Belize Online From Belize Online, information on the Ix Chel Farms and the Panti Medicine Trail created by Dr. Rosita Arvigo, an American doctor of naprapathy. Her book Satsun is about her apprenticeship with a traditional Mayan healer.
NPR NPR's Gerry Hadden reports traditional Indian medicine men in the southern state of Chiapas, Mexico, are trying to stop transnational companies from what they call bio-piracy -- making off with medicinal plants from the region and then taking out patents for any pharmaceutical potential. The Mayans say that such drug prospecting does not benefit Indian communities. The companies and some scientists say they stand to lose billions of dollars and perhaps the chance to cure deadly diseases. Link is to September 1, 2000 All Things Considered Program. Requires RealPlayer for listening to the 6 minute audio broadcast.
Maya of Guatemala From Jose Badillo, MCC Spainsh instructor, the Maya of Guatemala site includes nearly 60 links to some new sites as well as some on this page. So if you got have some time, happy surfing!
Maya Rubbings and Encyclopedia Trish Hollins, MCC Art instructor, passed this one to us. Some neat animations of Maya rubbings and an Illustrated Encyclopedia of Mesoamerica. A fun visit!

Maya Rubbings and Encyclopedia A great web site recommended by Barb Rebrovich that is a companion to "Lost King of the Maya."  Includes video tours of Copan by experts, John Stephen's account from "Incidents of Travel" of entering the magnificent lost city, a map of the Maya world, interactive feature that let's you try your hand at interpreting Maya hieroglyphs. Also includes other resources and a teachers guide. Two thumbs up!
Maya Rubbings and Encyclopedia An interactive web site recommended by Sharyn Leigh that includes a virtual tour and many QuickTime movies to explore the ancient Mayan ruins of Tikal.  The site is called Journey through Tikal and was produced by Studio360.
Maya Rubbings and Encyclopedia A complete Encyclopedia of Hotcâk (Winnebago) Mythology.  The Personal Histories section is particularly interesting.

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