MCC Library Materials

Between Light and Shadow: Maya women in transition (video) Dakota Productions, directed by Kathryn Lipke, 1997
MCC EV 299.7 N625

Mayan folktales: folklore from Lake Atitlan, Guatemala by Miguel Leon-Portilla, 1986
MCC FO 897.4 L579

The Yucatan: a guide to the land of Maya by Antoinette May, 1993
MCC SO 917.26 M466 Rev.

The mysterious Maya
by George and Gene Stuart, photos by David Alan Harvey
MCC SO 970.004 S929

The Origins of Maya civilization edited by Richard E. W. Adams, 1977
MCC SO 972 069

A forest of kings: the untold story of the ancient Maya
by Linda Schele and David Freidel, 1990
MCC EV 972.01 S322
MCC FO 972.81016 S322

The Maya
Michael Coe, 1993
MCC SO 972.81016 C672 5th ed.

Lost Kingdoms of the Maya (video) National Geographic, 1993
MCC FO 972.811016 L881

Maya, the blood of kings (video) Time-Life video, 1995
MCC SO 972.81016 M467p

Maya lords of the jungle (video) PBS Video, directed by John Angier, 1990
EVC SO 972.81016 M467p

Daily life in Maya civilization
Robert J. Sharer, 1996
MCC SO 972.81016 S531

Caracol, The lost Maya City (video) Pyramid Films directed by Robert Charlton, 1988
MCC FO 972.8201 C257

LPTC Library Materials

The Mysterious Maya by George and Gene Stuart
LPTC F1435.S89

An archeological Guide to Northern Central America by Joyce Kelly
LPTC F1435.K47

At the Edge of the world (Caves & Late Classic Maya World View by Karen Bassie-Sweet
LPTC F1435.3P5B37 1996

Maya History and Religion by J. Eric Thompson
LPTC F1435.T496

Remarkable Remains by Jacques Van Kirk & Parney Bassett-Van Kirk
LPTC F1445.V36 1996

Breath of the Mirror (Mythic Voices & Visions of the Living Maya) by Dennis Tedlock
F 1445.2Q5t45 1993

Guatemalan Indians a & the State 1540 to 1988 by Carol A. Smith
LPTC F1465.3G6 G82 1990

Indian Crafts of Guatemala & El Salvador by Lilly De Jongh Osborne
LPTC f1465.31508 1975

Popol Vuh (Mayan Book of the Dawn of Life & the Glories of Gods & Kings) by Dennis Tedlock
LPTC F1465.P813 1985

Revolt Against the Dead (The modernization of a Mayan Community in the Highlands of Guatemala) by douglas E. Brintnall
LPTC F1465.3.S6B74

Guatemala in the Spanish Colonial Period by Oakah L. Jones

Women & Alcohol in a Highland Maya Town (Water of Hope/Water of Sorrow)

The Maya
by Michael D. Coe

Maya Civilization
by T. Patrick Culbert

The Maya (This program focuses on the unique cultural legacy of the indians of southern Mexico & Central America. (30 minutes #304)

Maya Lords of Jungle (1 hour #164)

Touching the timeless (1 hour)

Secrets of the Aztecs and Maya (48 minutes)

Maya (The Blood of Kings) (48 minutes)

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