Welcome to the second year of Mayan Connection. The first year was extremely exciting and worthwhile.
The second year promises much excitement and growth.

Our first staff development was on August 30th at the EVC Campus, 1:30-3:00 in room 142.
We reviewed the first year of the Mayan Connection and discussed plans for the upcoming year.

Saturday, September 22nd is the Tenth Anniversary Fort Omaha Intertribal Powwow. At the Fort Omaha Campus, the event will be from 1PM to 7:30PM. A speical performance by the University of Yucatan Ballet Folkloric Troupe (Mayan dance) will be at 2PM. This event will be the Mayan Connection's staff development for the month of September. A Mayan Connection display will be on othe grounds. After the Mayan dance, dance members will be available to visit.

The Effigy Mounds trip has been rescheduled for Friday, October12 to Sunday, October 14. Please keep in mind that Oct 12 dates back to original partnership ceremonies with Nebraka Indian Community College (before LPTC was in existence) in 1992. Last year we used this date to celebrate the partnership with LPTC. It would be great if a significant number of persons can travel to Effigy Mounds to honor the partnership this year as well as learn from David Smith regarding the significance
of the mounds in the North Eastern area of Iowa.

Participation in the trip would involve full day travel on Friday, full day of exploration and research on Saturday, and full day
of travel for return on Sunday. The Mayan Connection funds will pay for lodging in Prairie DuChien, Wisconsin on Friday and Saturday evenings and up to $30 per day per LPTC or MCC employee for food expense. Travel will be available from either institution for those interested in participating. If you are unable to travel with the group leaving from your institution, contact either David Smith or Barbara Velazquez to determine the availability for mileage reimbursement when using your own vehicle.

Please verify again, if you still plan on traveling. This will count as the faculty development activity for October 2001.

This will be the tentative schedule for activities on Saturday,
October 13:

7:30 a.m. Meet at Best Western in Prairie Du Chien
> Have breakfast
> 9 a.m. Get started at Effigy Mounds
> Walking Bear Unit
> 12 noon Deli for lunch
> Eat at Pike's Peak
> Harper's Ferry
> Fish Farm Mounds
> Sacred Rock Site
> Cave Art

> Barbara Velazquez
> 402 457-2253

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