Faculty Training - Classroom Management And Safety


MCCMCC supports faculty in maintaining a positive learning environment for students. It is the responsibility of each faculty member to create and maintain a classroom environment that is conducive to student learning. "Registration at the College means a commitment to seriousness of purpose, academic integrity, and high standards of personal and social behavior. Students are expected to be cooperative and responsible members of the college community." (PM V-4)

This training will provide information and suggestions to support faculty in this endeavor. Each section will conclude with a quiz to review the material.

There are two dimensions to classroom management and safety. First, instructors are strongly encouraged to take a proactive approach to minimize classroom issues by setting expectations and guidelines the first day of class. Second, instructors need to know what to do during class if a situation does arise. This training will provide faculty with tools to do both.

This training will cover 2 areas

Proactive Classroom Management

  • Syllabus Statements
  • First Day of Class
  • Syllabus Quiz and Contract

Handling In-class Situations

  • Academic and Non-academic Misconduct
  • Emergency Procedures
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