This web page provides political science faculty and students with resources to aid in the teaching of courses at Metropolitan Community College.  The sites is arrange by courses and general resources.  The site is dynamic and if there are comments or suggestions, please forward to Dr. Van Arsdall.

Faculty Web Site for Dr. Van Arsdall

 Political Science Course Resources For American National Government (POLS 2050), The Constitution (POLS 2060) and Contemporary Social and Political Issues (2070)

Voting Rights Power Point with YouTube Videos

Institute for Cultural Connections

United States Constitution in Word Format

Policy Advocacy Power Point

State of the Union 2012

Health Care Issues - What Other Countries Do (Word Document)

Heath Care Issues - What Other Countries Do (MP3 File)

That Used To Be Us -- MP3 File

Tom Friedman Defines Globalization - MP3 File

The Globalization System - Tom Friedman - MP3 File

Kid's Guide to the Presidents - Suggested By Students