How Are Scholarships Judged?

It would be great to know what scholarship providers look for in an application? Take an look at how judges often pick their favorites.

At First Glance

The judges' first evaluation of your application is a quick one—usually only 15 to 30 seconds. Most applications do not get past this quick but important first stage. Give your application one last review to be sure yours makes it through.

The Second Look

After an application makes it past the first round, the judges separate "OK" from "great." The applications that make it through are those that have thorough and well-thought-out responses.

Make sure your responses are complete and answer the question. It is very important that your grammar and spelling

 are correct, so check and double-check all of your essays.

The Final Decision

This is the most difficult part of the process for judges. They have narrowed it down to a few highly qualified students. Now they must examine and compare every detail of the applications.

According to Mark Davis, President of the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation, judges pay special attention to:

It is not an easy job being a scholarship judge. Deciding who will receive an award is a tough decision. By knowing what is on the minds of scholarship judges, you will have a better chance at being one of those winners!

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