Consultation Guidelines
Metropolitan Community College
If you wish to use the Writing Center, you must be currently enrolled in an MCC course or employed by Metropolitan Community College. You may walk in if a consultant is available, or you may reserve up to two 30-minute time blocks per day by making an appointment in WCOnline.  Please read the following explanation of how we will assist you.  



In order to get the most out of your consultation, you must take an active role:
  • Bring your assignment and your latest draft.
  • Try to come in at least several days before your paper is due. Waiting until the last minute will limit your revision time.
  • Come prepared with questions and ideas. Writing Center consultations are necessarily writer-driven, so think about what you hope to accomplish while you’re here.
  •  Actively participate in the consultation by engaging in dialogue with the consultant about your writing-related concerns.
  • Take detailed notes during your session, especially regarding any repeated concerns that you discuss with your consultant.
  • As you revise your paper, work to eliminate these concerns. If you need additional help with grammar or punctuation, ask about the helpful resources available.

Hierarchy of Concerns

Hierarchy of Concerns

During your consultation, you can expect the following from the consultants:

  • Consultants will engage in dialogue with you about your writing rather than correct it for you.
  • Using various Writing Center resources, consultants will help you discover solutions for your specific writing concerns.
  • Keeping the hierarchy of concerns in mind (from global to local), consultants will ask questions and offer suggestions to help you improve as a writer.
  • Although consultants will give constructive feedback on both global and local concerns in your writing, it is your responsibility to implement suggestions and make corrections, and only your instructor can grade your paper.
  • When you make an appointment in WCOnline, we ask for your permission to initiate a conversation via email with your instructor regarding the consultation. Our aim is to collaborate with your instructor to help you to reach the goals for the course and to improve as a writer, but you always have the right to deny permission for such an exchange.

The Writing Center's Proofreading Policy

The Writing Center emphasizes the process of writing more than the product. Rather than correct, edit, or proofread, Writing Center consultants engage in dialogue that aims to help you build the confidence and skills needed to revise and edit your own writing.

We want you to become an effective, independent writer. By working hard and taking advantage of all of the Writing Center resources, you can improve your writing and become more confident as a writer. We look forward to working with you.

Please contact Katie Hupp, the MCC Writing Center Coordinator, if you have any comments or suggestions (

NONDISCRIMINATION AND EQUAL OPPORTUNITY STATEMENT:  Metropolitan Community College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, marital status, age, disability or sexual orientation in admission or access to its programs and activities or in its treatment or hiring of employees.

MCC Student Conduct Code:

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