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"The writing center is a valuable tool….I have always found someone to coach me through tough assignments. Also, it’s a perfect environment to do my work because it’s extremely quiet."
- John, Student, English Composition I
"I worked with one writing center consultant for the entire duration of my English Comp I class. Whenever I would come in with a question about one of my papers, the consultant would always give me his undivided attention and would honestly tell me what he thought. I truly looked forward to coming to the writing center and working with him….I even got a paper he helped me on published!"
- Christian, Student, English Composition I
"This is my place of security, hope, and knowledge.…to be able to take a class at Metro and know that there is always someone [in the writing center] to help you reach your next level makes a difference to those like me who used to take education for granted."
- Daniel, Student, English Composition II
"If I have questions, the consultants do their best to answer them. If I have an appointment, they study with me until I'm finished. I have things to do too, so I appreciate that my time is valued. If a consultant isn't comfortable with what I'm asking (for example if they don't know how to explain grammar), I appreciate when they tell me who I should see instead."
- Prakob, ESL Student
"Every time I [work with a writing center consultant, I] get real help….The writing center is a good idea. It helps me a lot."
-Alex, ESL Student
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