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What is Academic Probation?

Students are placed on academic probation when they do not meet the minimum grade point average (GPA) for credit hours completed. Academic probation is directly related grades received and cumulative GPA. A GPA is based on your final grades earned in your college classes.

Minimum Requirements for Good Academic Standing
Credit Hours Completed
(1000-level and above)
Minimum Cumulative GPA
1.0-29.5 1.5
30.0-79.5 1.75
80.0+ 2.0

Note: Academic probation is not related to financial aid. If your financial aid has been suspended, please contact a Financial Aid office.

What Happens?

A hold (a restriction) has been placed on your account and you are unable to register for classes until you complete this probation workshop. This workshop will help you better understand your Academic Standing. Once the probation workshop is completed the registration hold will be removed within two business days. Once the registration hold is removed, you will be allowed to register for future quarters.

Students who remain on academic probation for more than one quarter are required to meet with an academic advisor or counselor for registration. While on probation, students may have limits placed on the number of credit hours of enrollment and/or course selection.

Although not required, it is highly recommended you meet with an academic advisor or counselor prior to beginning the next quarter. When you meet with an advisor or counselor you will be able to share with them your experiences and work on an educational plan for future success. You can schedule an appointment with an academic advisor or counselor by calling 531-622-2400.

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