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Automotive Fundamentals 

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In this course students will learn entry level skills in the following areas (see course outline):

  • Basic hand tool use 
  • Oil change prcedures ( see Standard Work)
  • Safety inspections
  • Tire repair
  • Drive Belt inspection and replacement


Course Documents (click on the document to open in a new window)

Outcome Assessments
Hoist grading for lab

Tool List & Cost to Students
internship list Excel
Graduation tool excel

Supplier Internship set Graduation set
Snap-On Tools Snap-On PDF Snap-On 54" Box  (PDF)
Mac Tools Mac Tools (PDF)  Mac Tools (PDF)
 Mac Tools/Blackhawk Mac/Blackhawk (PDF)  
Matco Tools Matco (PDF)
Click here for photo
Matco  40" Box (PDF)
Matco 54" box (see instructor)

Videos: examples of our students developing skills

Battery Charging and Jump Box use
    Battery Charger
    Battery Charger
Jump Box Use

Combining Operations
Coolant Flush
Cooling System Vacuum and Fill
Fender Cover Use

Hand Impact Use
Hoist Safety: Jack Stand Use

Tire operations
    Wheel installation

    Tire Mounting
    Tire Mounting with TPMS  
    Tire Patching
    Tire balancing
    TPMS Relearn
    Tire Clean Rim

Torch use
   Cutting Tip
Welding Tip
   Micrometer Calibration
   Inside Micrometer Calibration  
Transfer Gauge Use

Parts Washer
Serpentine Belt Check
Snap-on Audible Torque Wrench Use

Torque and Extensions
Torque to Yield

Vehicle Hoisting
Safety, Student made presentations
Shop Safety 

    Shop Safety
    Shop Safety
    Shop Safety
   Shop Safety, PTT

Standard Work
 LOF procedures
    RAV4 Oil Change
    Pick-up Oil Change

Tap use
    Assemble the Tools Needed
    Drill the Hole

    Tap the hole
    Heli Coil Use
    Measuring a Fastener
     Bent Drill (twist drill bit)
     Removing a Damaged Helicoil