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Student Experiences


A travelogue is often considered as a record made by a voyager. It can contain descriptions of the traveler's experiences and is normally written during the course of the journey. These student video travelogues were produced after they returned from Rosebud using their own personal digital images. They used Windows Photo Story to add effects, transitions and also added background music to create a video with pan and zoom effects.

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Thank you to Metropolitan Community College, Barbara Velazquez, Instructors Jenni Fauchier and Janet McCarthy, and Rosebud hosts Steve Tamayo and his family for making this wonderful experience possible.
- Cheri Vossberg
My experience with Study Abroad was enriching and enlightening. I am so glad that I took part in the experience and was able to broaden my horizons. I came home with memories and experiences that will stay with me forever. I recommend everyone does something like this at least once.

- Rachel Blaine
There was so much in such a short time. I leave changed from when I came. I look forward to sharing my experiences with others and hope to use
what I have learned soon!

- Laney Mullen

Student Journals & Relection Papers

During my stay on the Rosebud reservation, I noticed the strong influence of Lakota culture in every place we visited. Beautiful traditional murals are painted on the sides of buildings, every person we met had some craft or traditional talent that was deeply rooted in their past.
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- Denise Holling
From tribal history to traditional arts and crafts, this trip certainly provided participants with a new way of seeing things on the Rosebud Indian reservation. Participating in the Rosebud Live and Study program at Metropolitan Community College was a truly amazing experience.
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- Cheri Vossberg