The Outcomes Assessment Committee

The Outcomes Assessment Committee (OAC), established in 1995 and chartered in 2001, continues to provide leadership in expanding course-and program-level, and general education assessment. Because of the committee’s efforts, MCC’s outcomes assessment program has matured. Faculty review student learning outcomes and curriculum on a regular basis with attention to skills that students should have mastered when they complete programs or transfer degrees. In addition, faculty teams are examining how those outcomes are reflected in each course. Currently, the Coordinator of the Center for Learning Effectiveness, Assessment, and Research (CLEAR) is available to provide necessary support to faculty members with their outcomes matrices. The OAC continues its efforts as support for the academic and vocational programs in outcomes assessment planning and implementation. During 2004-2005, the committee renewed its charter and assumed several new responsibilities and directions that include:


The Center for Learning Effectiveness, Assessment, and Research: Coordinator Responsibilities

The coordinator’s responsibilities focus on several main duties and other secondary duties as deemed necessary for collaborative activities between the department of Learning and Academic Affairs and the department of Institutional Research.
The main duties of the coordinator include: