Metro Reads!

Metro Reads!

Metro Reads! is an exciting program that brings all interested members of the MCC community together around a common book during the academic year. Staff, faculty and students are encouraged to read the common book. Faculty will incorporate the book into curriculum as much as possible. Faculty—check the Faculty/Staff link to see how you can preview a copy and obtain your own copy if you decide to use the book with your students. You will also find numerous ideas for incorporating The Try into your curriculum. Everyone at MCC is encouraged to become a part of MCC's largest Learning Community—Metro Reads!

All MCC campus libraries will have copies of the Metro Reads! book available for individual check-out.

Metro Reads! Book for 2013-2014 is THE TRY by James P. Owen

Inspirational real-life stories about people who never let go of their dreams.

What is it that separates the doers, leaders, and success stories among us from the dreamers, also-rans, and wannabes? To bestselling author James P. Owen, it’s all about having The Try— the quality of giving 110 percent to the task or challenge at hand.

In The Try—a dozen true stories of ordinary people who’ve done extraordinary things across varied fields of endeavor—Owen reveals The Try is a character trait that can be forged in several ways. His insightful profiles bring to life new scientific evidence that effort trumps ability. In other words, how much you can achieve depends not on how smart or talented you may be, but instead on the quality of your efforts and how much you try. Owen provides inspiration that will strike a chord with everyone. (Amazon. com)

Metro Bookstores have copies of The Try available for purchase. 




The book for 2013-14 "The Try" by James P. Owen




The Try:
Inspirational real-life stories that will inspire you to achieve your dreams.
The Try by James Owen is the Metro Reads! selection for the 2013-14 academic year. This book supports MCC's mission statement to provide a  positive learning environment that promotes student success. It is an inspiring read for staff, faculty and students!

Metro Reads! book for 2013-2014, is The Try by James P. Owen.