Metro Reads!

Book Selection Criteria

  1. Furthers the mission of the college
  2. Short to medium length
  3. Affordable
  4. Manageable yet challenging for the typical reader
  5. Deals with current and relevant issue or topic
  6. Might be read or understood in smaller, discrete sections (some classes might read one section only) so that the book can be adapted to and used in a wide variety of courses without demanding too much class time
  7. Can be approached from a variety of points of view by different disciplines
  8. Readily elicits discussion on an analytical level
  9. Ideally, by a living author who could potentially visit campus
  10. Is not a book normally read in high school
  11. Is not a textbook
  12. Should be a good read
  13. Should be well written

Featured Book


We will be using
The Try by James P. Owen, for the 2013-14 academic year. This book supports MCC's Mission Statement to provide a positive learning environment tht promotes student success. It is an inspiring read for staff, faculty and students!

Metro Reads! book for 2013-2014, is The Try by James P. Owen.