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Welcome to MCC. As a new employee, you will soon discover meaningful connections between your job and the overall mission of the College. MCC has been meeting the academic, enrichment and professional development needs of the community for more than 35 years.
This portal is one of three components to the College’s New Employee Orientation. The other two are meeting with Human Resources and a New Employee on campus orientation session that is held quarterly to give you the opportunity to get acquainted with employees from across MCC, to become familiar with other departments and their functions, and to discuss basic College-wide information.
You may want to start your online tour to learn about the College, how your job relates to MCC’s mission, and to discover information that will help you get started in your new job. Click on each of the main category links at the top of the pages: Campuses & Locations; College Resources; Technology Resources; Business & Community Partnership, and along the thumbnail images at the bottom of each main category pages. Enjoy the tour!
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